Open Factory Edizioni Srl is an independent brand in the publishing landscape, based on solid expertise and experience, with a mission to promote and spread the passion for “telling ideas” through facts.

Creativity and talent promotion guide our decisions, while attention and accurate management of publishing processes and promotion strategies support the daily work of Open Factory Edizioni, a factory open to experimentation, a think tank ready to take new directions through the intensive sharing of concepts and ideas among all involved actors: editorial staff, collaborators, scientific committee, companies.

A cultural mine of initiatives, from paper to Web, Open Factory Edizioni has a vision of the enterprise as “handicraft industry”, where knowledge (from initial concepts to production and sales rules) becomes “craft”, a job to be handed down to young generations, committed to building a better world.


Fiammetta Di Vilio (1959) is editor-in-chief and business partner of Open Factory Edizioni. Graduated in Literature and Philosophy, journalist, she got a master in communications and one in creative writing. She has 20-year experience in the leading Italian publishing houses, with a focus on trade and industry press. She contributes to the Open Factory Edizioni project with specific expertise to combine a quality product with readers’ suggestions in terms of innovation, creativity and market trends. She worked for Gruppo Editoriale Rizzoli, Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, Gruppo Editoriale Futura, JPublishing & Media.

The publisher and majority shareholder is Margherita Di Vilio (1982). With a university degree in Communication Sciences and a graduate degree in Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, she lived for short periods in Great Britain, France and Arab Countries for research, improving her knowledge of oral and written Arab. Before joining Open Factory Edizioni, she collaborated with a few publishing companies, contributing to several projects.

Giuseppe Grassi (1954) chairs and coordinates the Technical-Scientific Committee of Open Factory Edizioni publications, with the task of identifying and leveraging synergies between research and enterprise, institutions and business, academy and information.
A registered journalist for 40 years, Giueseppe Grassi has designed, created, developed and directed some of the most reputable technical magazines published by national and international companies.
He worked for Eris, Etas, Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, Gruppo Editoriale VNU, Gruppo Editoriale Futura, JPublishing & Media. His professional career, his acknowledged competence and dedication to the promotion and development of technical press, and the energy devoted to "talent scouting" are fully consistent with the strategic vision of Open Factory Edizioni.

The Scientific Committee consists of a team of university professors, engineers, entrepreneurs, communication experts and editors with an attitude for innovative writing in technical and scientific domains.
Bridging manufacturing and knowledge, the Committee is an essential vehicle to leverage the full potential of target industries, with a specific focus on Mechanical Engineering, Automation, ICT, Electronics, Design, Instrumentation and Process Control, Machine Vision, Energy Efficiency, dealing in depth with the emerging topics of Industry 4.0 and Key Enabling Technologies, essential for the growth of the country: Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud Computing, Safety & Security, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, Product Virtualization and Simulation Systems, Nanotechnology, Smart Materials and the analysis of managing skills.
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