Strong specialization in multiple technical and scientific disciplines (Mechanical Engineering, ICT, Electronics, Design), combined with a sensitivity for and focus on innovation topics, are the distinctive features of

The TECN'ÈLAB Web portal is the online version of TECN’È and ÈUREKA!, a container of independent contents with constant links and references to the paper magazines. The challenge by Open Factory Edizioni has always been based on the combination of paper and web. The contents of the home page are completely updated on the first day of each month.

www.tecnelab.it, TECN’È and ÈUREKA! together make up a different communication model, with the ambition of merging news, interviews, in-depth articles, events, product tests and sections dedicated to technological solutions: a positive mix of ideas, stories, case studies and advertising in the target industries. It addresses the operators of the manufacturing industry and is focused on innovation in technology, economy, finance, standards and energy.


First and one-of-a-kind in its category, TECN'È, technology, machines and systems for a changing world, is a printed monthly magazine addressed to the manufacturing and mechanical industry, whose mission is to promote the quality, research and digital evolution of strategic sectors for Italian economy.
Conceived for readers and with readers, TECN’È offers an alternative approach to discover the full potential of the market, to challenge traditional economic models and common sources of competitive edge.
To help readers identify change and follow the competitive trends of the global industry and smart factory, TECN’È focuses on innovation topics and tells about excellent leaders, with a hands-on leading-by-example editorial approach that illustrates the key concept that has distinguished the magazine since its inception: the essential integration of technology, machinery, systems, processes and solutions.
TECN’È is focused on technological best practices, organization, researchers, enlightened managers, to promote a virtuous circle involving business, academy and final users, because the evolution of manufacturing systems is mainly driven by people and their expertise.
In this period of deep changes, the world of information requires a wider and shared vision to promote creativity and talent, creating synergies that can foster competitiveness and development.


ÈUREKA!, against the current downsizing trend in the media landscape, is the first Italian B2B magazine created to promote the culture of technological innovation, automation and research in the manufacturing industry, offering different approaches and points of view to scientific knowledge applied to industry.
ÈUREKA! analyzes the technological issues, projects and systems applied in all the manufacturing sites that want and need to revise their processes for the sake of productivity, energy efficiency, eco-design and competitiveness, developing the emerging trends of Industry 4.0 and Key Enabling Technologies, essential for business expansion, as they develop new solutions or enhance existing ones through research initiatives that rejuvenate the production system: Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud Computing, Safety & Security, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, Product Virtualization and Simulation Systems, Machine Vision, Nanotechnology, Smart Materials and the analysis of managing skills.
ÈUREKA! has been created to support all the initiatives that lead to digitization, a process that pervades each phase of the manufacturing cycle in smart factory, that interconnects the entire cycle and that redefines the value chain and the business models, transforming the integration of new technology and research into growth opportunities, the real challenge for companies and for a changing country.


www.tecnelab.it explores technological topics at the leading edge of scientific research and business, with a specific focus on excellent entrepreneurs and companies. Industry 4.0, Open Innovation, Internet of Things, Digitization, Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Safety & Security, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, Machine Vision, Product Virtualization and Simulation Systems, Nanotechnology, Smart Materials and the analysis of managing skills are the pillars of the contents we offer.
www.tecnelab.it provides contents on a daily basis, ranging from technology news to business initiatives in different industries, with special reports, observatories and surveys. Constant updates and information about company events, exhibitions and conferences in the target industries, combined with an intensive use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube :simboli), ensure large-scale sharing and distribution.
www.tecnelab.it is also a magazine, a sort of spinoff of our printed magazines, but most of all a Community of Technicians, presenting viable solutions to the problems of manufacturing companies and to those who use their products to improve the quality of industrial processes: from machine tools to large plants, from automation systems to robots, from control and measurement instruments to industrial equipment, from components to finished products that improve the quality of life.
www.tecnelab.it leverages advanced web-design technology to offer custom contents and to support the active involvement of users. It addresses business owners and top managers, production engineers and designers, purchase managers, IT & networking managers, system integrators, marketing professionals, sales managers, consultants, university and research, with an agile approach based on solid editorial skills.


The Open Factory Edizioni portfolio also includes a monthly newsletter, created in synergy by the editorial staff of TECN’È and ÈUREKA! and the www.tecnelab.it team: an effective communication vehicle for companies who want to update and be updated on the latest news in their reference market.
The newsletter is sent by e-mail to a selected database and to registered users, offering information and news about Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, ICT, Design, Components, Energy and Environment.
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